code krafters

think, build and deliver

code should read like prose

never scroll to read a method

code is design, and it runs

one method, one behavior

code is thoughtful

methods don't leave artifacts

code never lies

solve the problem. then, write the code

it's all talk until the code runs

details matter

What we do

we build rich, high-fidelity mobile UXs that couple with well-designed, optimized backend services

we deliver the full range, concepts and prototypes through production components software

from the user experience to backend communication we finesse both the visuals and data

  • Concepts & Prototypes

    sketching interactivity and functionality with code, moving from the full visual to the functional experience. connecting to real data and laying the foundation for real products

  • Production Mobile Apps

    krafted, polished and kevlar coated production mobile apps and UX components library for the consumer or enterprise. clean data interfaces, pixel perfection, robust and long-lasting solutions

  • Technical Design Support

    recommendations, feasibility, explorations, code sketching for visual, transitions, animations and alignment with mobile platform guidelines and roadmaps in order to ensure design concepts become living products

  • Mobile Optimized Backends

    reduce requests and data traffic via mashups and optimized backend interfaces. migrate legacy, multiple and web-based services in order to deliver lean data services for efficient, high fidelity mobile experiences

How we do it

we live lean and agile practices

we don’t talk more than is needed

we build and deliver

  • Think

    we review your needs, decompose your problems, analyze your codebase and clearly define the best approach and deliverables. even before a client engagement we present a detailed initial implementation plan. we understand the flexibility required to create great mobile applications and we continuously adapt and adjust the plan.

  • Build

    by using agile lean approaches from kanban to scrum we focus on building exceptional software. iteration, refactoring and integrating user feedbacks are part of daily activities. we focus on software development, experience and delivery. we always consider change and we promptly adapt. we work at all levels of the stack to avoid roadblocks and assuring maximum quality.

  • Deliver

    we have a passion to deliver robust solutions lean and frequently, as the designer intended and the user desires. code krafters works as part of the client's team and we enjoy bringing successful and amazing products to market with the team. we fail fast and succeed sooner. everything we do, from meetings, concepting and developing is driven by delivering products. If we can’t tie what we’re doing to delivering against the goal, we look to optimize.

Who we are

we are a team with decades of experience bringing to market great user experiences and new technologies

we’ve been pioneers in many technologies, including mobile and tablets

our market segment experience includes: retail, consumer electronics and products, telecommunications, financial, medical and automotive.

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    Beer and Code

    Abdul Nabi Founder & Master Krafter

    Abdul has deep and broad experience spanning over 25 years in mobile, desktop and web. Abdul developed early object technologies and applied OO to visually rich apps across domains. Abdul was the chief architect of the first tablet computer (Momenta) in 1991 and then co-found DTO providing one of the first mobile smartphone platforms (acquired by IBM). For the past decade he has driven architecture and development for UX experience rich solutions for mobile and web to a wide variety of large companies spanning most major verticals.

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    Beer and Code

    Roberto Gamboni Founder & Master Krafter

    Roberto is a software engineer who specializes in mobile applications and has lead development on a wide variety of projects and technologies, ranging from encrypted cloud based file system to large scale sensors installation for tracking recycling behaviors to famous mobile voice enabled local search, turn by turn navigation and retail applications.

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    Build and Deliver

    You? Code Krafter

    If you like bringing great user experience to life via great implementations, scalable architectures and well organized data, we want to talk to you.

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